Waterfalls & Cofee Cup Trip

Marangu waterfalls (Ndoro waterfalls) a Coffee cup trip.

At the base of Mt Kilimanjaro, surrounded by lush landscapes, lie hidden waterfalls. After a short drive in a private car to one on the most popular waterfall sites, Marangu, it is area to explore the forest and discover the waterfall on foot. After hiking and descending through the stunning, green landscape for approximately one hour, you will reach a huge waterfall.

Here you will have the opportunity to swim and take a break for lunch in this beautiful valley. You will also visit an old Chagga (the largest tribe in Northern Tanzania) village, a traditional iron mongers, and depending on the season, a coffee plantation, where you can pick, roast, brew and drink you very own cup of delicious fresh coffee. It’s so brilliant experience.