Ndarakwai & Olpopongi Maasai Village

This is also amazing day trip but it’s limited to timings from mid June to early September.

This area was named long ago by the Maasai after native cedar trees – was farmed and ranched when Tanganyika was a German Colony.

In 1995, Peter Jones (owner of Tanganyika Film & Safari Outfitters) committed himself to restoring the Ranch’s health to support wildlife populations – at the time a bold experiment in self-sustaining conservation and unique in Tanzania. The impacts of his consistent efforts have been profound.

Today, elephant, zebra, eland, giraffe, wildebeest, gerenuk, lesser kudu, and mountain reed buck are among the permanent residents. Cheetah are frequently seen and lions have been resident since December 2010.

Although sometimes it’s rare to see all of them due to their small population but you won’t leave without see most of them.

This is Maasai cultural village where you can see the snapshot of the Maasai culture, their songs, houses,dress,weapons their history and many more. It really need preparation to meet important people here because the area is not visited much and some members of the maasai village may be involving in other activities around. You should not worry about this,we are here to handle all these complications. It’s funny here!!!