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You’ll be picked up from your hotel/lodge and drive to Lake Chala on the eastern side of Mount Kilimanjaro. Lake Chala is on the border between Tanzania and Kenya, the boundary runs through the middle of the lake. The lake is a water-filled caldera that was formed after volcanic activity caused it to collapse. The crater itself is 3km in length and 2.4km wide, with a surface area of about 4.2km². The depth of the lake is between 70 to 90m with the walls almost vertical and as high as a 100m in some places.

Upon arrival you will first go with your guide on a one hour walk through the bush-land at the northwest side of the lake. The hike leads through a seasonally dried riverbed, where the water has eroded the walls into beautiful shapes, on the way you will also pass a crater. During the hike you can spot various bird species and with some luck also small mammals such as blue monkeys, baboons and sometimes Dik-dik. The lake is close to Tsavo National Park, sometimes you might be able to see elephants that migrate back and forth between Kenya and Tanzania.

The hike then leads you down the steep crater walls to the lake. The walk is very scenic with great views of the lake and the lush vegetation. At the lake it is time to relax a bit. Swimming in the lake is possible, but we advise you to stay close to the shore. After having sufficiently rested and enjoyed the view of the lake, later in the late afternoon we will leave and drive back to the hotel/lodge.


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