Hot Spring Bomang’ombe


The Hot Spring in Kilimanjaro region is among the best day trips for youngsters who can also swim in this natural hot pool. It’s beautiful, natural water feature that can be reached from Boma Ngome in around half an hour at the end of a dirt road that remains in reasonably good condition.

It is possible for buses to reach this area, provided they have been adapted for off-road usage. It’s also amazing that you can minimise cost by using Bajaj to reach there especially when people are few from four or less.(this is optional but safe and frequently used)

Hot Spring is Great Day Trip for the Family a perfect place to take the family on the weekend and to enjoy a picnic. The water that emerges from a rock at the north end of the pool is clean, clear and warm. There are small fishes in the water that nip at swimmers’ feet, so while not dangerous, children should be aware of this.

What you should expect, natural hot spring water, swimming in beautiful, clear water, rope swing in swimming, parking available,manned by attendant and it’s featured is outdoors