Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks

Safari Overview

This two days Safari is set to explore Tarangire and Lake Manyara, two of the national parks available in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. The two national parks can perfectly be visited in a short itinerary like this because they are close to each other and they have unique features and unique dominant wildlife.

On day 1, you are going to visit the national park in Tanzania with the largest population of elephants that is Tarangire National Park.  On the second day, you will visit Lake Manyara which is probably the place with the largest number of birds in Tanzania, plus it is where you have the best chance to see pink flamingos in Tanzania. Lake Manyara was formerly known as the only place in Tanzania where you could find tree climbing lions. However, nowadays tree climbing lions can be found in other national parks in Tanzania.

What you may see: Elephants, Lions, Zebras, Wildebeest, Giraffes, Hippos, impalas, snakes and other small animals.

You’ve a little chance of seeing: Leopards, Black rhinos, Cheetahs, and Crocodiles



  • Please note that our itineraries are flexible and we customize them according to your needs. 
  • Airport pick up and drop off are optional, meaning if you are already in Moshi or Arusha or you can arrange your own airport transfers, we can take them out of the price for this tour.
  • Pre safari and post safari accommodation are optional.

We usually leave at around 7AM, so we expect you have breakfast before then at the hotel/lodge you will stay. Since Tarangire national park is after lake Manyara , will pass lake Manyara on day one and go straight to Tarangire national park. The drive from Moshi to Tarangire national park is approximately 4 hours, so we should arrive there at around 11 AM. After all entrance procedures, we will start our 2 hours game drive before lunch, then break for lunch at around 1PM. After lunch break, we will have 3 hours of game drive before heading to a hotel for an overnight stay.

Highlights of day 1:

1. The baobab trees – get ready to hear fascinating profiles of these largest trees in the whole world.

2. Large amounts of elephants and learn about these wonderful and intelligent animals

3. The landscape of the park including its magical river that gives the name to the national park, the river is called Tarangire river.

4. Spot predators as they look for animals who go for water at Tarangire river

After witnessing the largest number of elephants in Tarangire national park, it’s time to move to the fascinating Lake Manyara national park which is famous for having the highest concentration of elephants per square kilometers.  We will your camp or lodge at around 8 after you have had your breakfast.

Highlights of day 2

  1. Spot varieties of birds including the famous pink flamingos
  2. Large amounts of elephants and learn about these wonderful and intelligent animals
  3. The landscape of the park including its relationship with the Great Rift Valley wall, its alkaline lake and hot spring.
  4. Spot predators such as tree climbing lions.

The game drive at Lake Manyara national park will take approximately 4 hours after which we will start heading back to Moshi through Mto wa Mbu town, famous for its varities of cultural activities for you to learn a thing or two about Tanzanian tribes and their culture. You may also use the time at Mto wa Mbu town to buy your souvenirs.

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