How Do I Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity?


While we love guiding climbers on the mountain, Kili Quests' true passion remains at the base. Having started this company from scratch, we understand the importance of giving back to the community from which we came. When we are not guiding climbers during the rainy season, we reinvest much of our profits into farming to grow maize, beans, and sunflowers. We donate 50% of our produce to orphans and poor Tanzanian families in the local area.In order to further help the community, Kili Quests offers free English courses to its porters for further career development and opportunities. These classes also enable them to interact with our climbers at a professional level.

Some of our clients want to do something charitable while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We believe climbing Kilimanjaro is a perfect way to call attention to and raise money for a cause.

There have been some highly publicized, highly successful Kilimanjaro charity climbs in the past few years. American celebrities participated in MTV's Summit on the Summit to raise money for global clean water. UK celebrities took part in The Red Nose Climb to raise money for Comic Relief, a British charity. And Hong Kong celebrities climbed Kilimanjaro with us in the Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge, Project C:Change, to raise money for WWF to protect against environmental degradation and man-made climate change.

But you don't have to be a celebrity to make a difference. Just a passion for a good cause and the courage to climb Kilimanjaro. Though we do not take part in fundraising, we can certainly arrange your climb. Simply book a private trip with us so we can customize your itinerary to your specific needs. Choose your dates. Choose your route. There is no group size limit. We have arranged climbs for groups of more than 30 participants. Once the trip is confirmed, you can begin seeking donations and connecting with your charity.

We will do our best to support you in your efforts to make sure you are successful, in terms of fundraising and during the climb itself, when you climb Kilimanjaro for charity.

Though it may be easier to join a charity climb a tour operator has already set up, we discourage this unless the charity is one that is meaningful to you. Do not let a climb operator choose a charity for you. Choose an organization that is personal to you, so that you can speak about your cause from your heart with potential donors.

Furthermore, some tour operators charge far more for your charity climb than you would pay to climb with us, taking away potential donations from your cause. Contrarily, there is no such thing as a free climb offered by other outfitters. The money you raise is being used towards their expenses.

For more information, visit Kilimanjaro Charity Climb for everything you need to know about climbing Kilimanjaro for charity.

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